Winter's Mod Application

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Winter's Mod Application

Post  JW02 on Sat May 26, 2012 8:29 pm

Hey all,

I haven't been on the server yet, so maybe I have no business posting this. I guess I'll just post this for the future Very Happy

I think I'd make an excellent moderator for the following reasons:

1.) I've been playing RSPS for a total of about 3 years.

2.) I've been a moderator on four or five servers and have only been demoted via request or out of necessity for the server; never for abusing privileges.

3.) I've been an administrator I believe three times, and a co-owner twice. All of my staff positions I take very seriously, and I am effective at handling hackers and cheat client-users.

4.) I get along well with other players. The only people I even remotely quarrel with are the ones who disrespect me, or any other players on the server.

I would be happy to be a regular player until you build up enough trust for me, and I look forward to working my way up the ranks of staff on your server.

Have a good one Smile


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